Kim, Hyung-joong - Because she smiles ♬

Yes, please smile like that
you’re the most beautiful girl with your smile
even if you wouldn’t agree with me,
when you feel good with your smile,
it brightens my life like sunshine does. 

I was happy even if I had to stay all night with my rabbit eyes
so that I could make you smile.
I’ve tried hard to memorize all the silly stories so we never run out of our conversation. I was afraid that you would notice that I was trying.

only if you can forget the one who left you
only if you could let the one who made you cry just go and be happy, 
I don’t mind being your clown or idiot or anything really. 

if somebody made me choose just one
between my love and your happiness,
I’d always like it to be your happiness without any hesitation.

even if you don’t love me back,
it’s okay because I love you.
because I’m a man, I can suffer from anything for you,
so please just smile.

sometimes when I see you smile
I can’t help but mistaken that you could love me too.
I might cast the spell on you in my heart so you’d love me back one day.

it’s okay even if I’m lonely after I wake up from my dreams
even if the more I look at you, the more it breaks my heart
it’s still way better than the days I didn’t know you.

there are nothing much I can do for you,
to obtain your love or to give you my love.
you’ll never know how it drives me go crazy.
you don’t really have to know about it but please let me do it.
let me make you smile.
I’ll suffer from anything for you,
so please just smile.


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To find yourself, think for yourself.
Socrates (via observando)

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Some people say you are going the wrong way, when it’s simply a way of your own.
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レミオロメン (Remioromen) -  3 月 9 日 (March 9th) ♬

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I'm 선경
I'm silly
I like laughing
I do enjoy my life